Approach lessons for beginner players

Here I am going to show you some approach lessons for beginner players. The approach shot is the transition shot that will get you to the net to end the point. If you are at the net, you will have an easier time winning points as opposed to being at the baseline.

Approach lessons for beginner players

The Bounce

Out of the many approach lessons for beginner players I could teach you first, the most important is the bounce. You want to hit your approach shot when the ball is at its peak.  This is harder than it seems. Most players hit the ball on its way down, because that is where it feels the most comfortable (when it’s in your strike zone). More important than your comfort level here is the angles that are available to you when the ball is higher. You want as many options as possible so hit the ball at it’s peak to make sure you get to net. The approach shot should not be a winning shot, it is simply a shot that puts you in position to make an easy put away volley.

The Take Back

So many beginners don’t take their racket back until it is too late. This forces you to rush your swing. This is tough enough to do standing still but when you are running toward the net chasing a moving ball, it makes the shot nearly impossible to hit. You want to take your racket back nice and early, as soon as you know you are going to hit an approach shot you should be running forward with your racket back.

Smooth motion

Using a smooth motion is absolutely crucial to hitting a great approach shot. Too many players try to guide the ball where they want to go by throwing their body or arm into the ball. You want to swing into the ball, not try and redirect the direction of the ball with your body. Using your body to change directions of the ball will only cause injury and at best, hit an inaccurate shot. For a consistent and reliable approach shot, you want a nice smooth motion.

Avoid the corners

Many tennis players think that hitting to your opponents weakest corner, usually the backhand corner, is a great place to put the approach shot. Granted, it is a good place, but sometimes not the best option. When you hit an approach shot your opponents next shot will most likely hit a passing shot. Hitting it to one of the corners will only set up angles for your opponent. Try a deep shot right down the middle. Their angles will be taken away and you will have the option of returning their shot with a volley to either side of the court.

Here is a great video on how to hit an approach shot

Here is a great video to learn more about the approach shot.

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