We often get asked, what is the best all-round tennis racket. There are so many categories and so many styles of players, it would be extremely difficult to have one racket emerge as the best for everyone. But, let’s explore your question…

What is the best all-round tennis racket?

Tennis rackets are highly subjective pieces of equipment – what works for one player may not necessarily work for another, and we all have very different preferences. A racket which suits players of all ages, standards and styles, along with offering power, spin and maneuverability is, and always has been, a rare entity in the sport of tennis. However, the Babolat Pure Drive is exactly this. The manufacturers themselves are aware of its popularity and versatility, which explains why new models of this racket are constantly being produced year on year. The main advantage of this all-round racket is its ability to progress with a player; it will be as useful and appropriate for you as a beginner, as when you are an advanced and much-improved player, years later.

The weight of the racket could be comfortable for any player. The Pure Drive weighs in at 11.2oz when strung, which is neither too light nor too heavy. Somebody new to the game would undoubtedly be impressed by the mobility of the racket, particularly when at the net. Similarly, a player further along with their tennis development would recognize the Pure Drive’s speed, and the power it possesses which is actually more than one could expect. The head size of the racket is mid-plus at 100 square inches. This creates a nice blend of control and power, and much like the weight, this size is just right for everyone. It is large enough for those who require a bigger head to make clean contact with the ball, yet it is far from being oversized for those seeking maximum control of the ball – let us not forget that many pros on the ATP and WTA tour opt for 100 square inch heads.

It is common nowadays for rackets to focus upon one particular aspect of shot-making. For instance, some rackets aim to enhance power, others spin and so on. The beauty of the Pure Drive is that it appeals to all of our needs. The latest version of the Pure Drive has adopted FSI technology which has enlarged the sweet-spot on the racket and added greater feel upon the striking of the ball (which essentially allows the player to know whether or not they made good, solid contact). This upgrade has boosted the power and control of the racket. Its lightness gives players the freedom to fiercely whip their forehands with pace, and like most Babolat rackets, the string pattern ensures your game is not void of spin.

The Babolat Pure Drive is undoubtedly the best all-round tennis racket out there. This isn’t my view, it’s the opinion of thousands of players who’s love of this racket have led to its two decade existence. Young or old, professional or beginner, heavy-hitter or spin-master, the Pure Drive could be the racket for you, and will without question help all aspects of your game.

Note: This article is not supported or endorsed by Babolat, it is simply a recommendation.

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